Hyundai have successfully conducted its first platooning of commercial vehicles on the Yeoju Smart Highway replicating real world traffic conditions. The trial was conducted using two trailer-connected Xcient trucks.

The Yeoju Smart Highway is a 5 mile testbed established by the Korean government for the development of autonomous driving technology. The highway is constantly populated by vehicles used for autonomous driving research, making it similar conditions to an actual highway.

The Hyundai demonstration successfully displayed Vehicle platooning, cut-in/out by other vehicles, simultaneous emergency braking and Vehicle to Vehicle communication tech. The speed limit was set to 37mph to ensure safety.

Vehicle platooning has the benefit of reducing air resistance to improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions, making it an eco-friendly technology. Upon activation of platooning mode, the truck will maintain a distance of 16.7m with real-time fine tuning. The driver does not need to put their foot on the accelerator or the brakes. The platooning mode also activates lane keeping technology which makes it possible for the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel.

If another vehicle was to cut in front of the two trucks, then the following truck automatically extends the gap to a minimum of 25m.

Jihan Ryu, head of Hyundai Motor’s Commercial Vehicle Electronics Control Engineering Group, said:

“We are confident that our industry leading autonomous driving technology in commercial vehicles showcased in this platooning truck demonstration will lead into a revolutionary paradigm shift in the freight and logistics industry.”

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